Friday, October 19, 2012

Lebaran 2012

I know Hari Raya is totally over. Like a month ago? But I just wanted to document them in my blog for memories purposes. Heh.

Some of us skipped last year's Raya outing due to work commitments and I couldn't take my leave cause I was sent to Jakarta for work. Even if I wasn't sent to Jakarta, it's probably hard for me to take a day off because my ex manager is the most stingiest and selfish man on earth who always refuse to approve my leave. He expects me to be at my desk everyday even if I had no work to do. Ridiculous. Now that Brendan took over his position, I'm glad he doesn't have the same attitude as him. Pfft.

Ok back to my Raya story. This year we managed to gather everyone for a Raya Visiting. Most of us were available on Sunday. Jeff had to book-in in the evening, but he still joined us for the visiting and left at about 7pm. Very sweet of you Jeff. Similarly to Bash, she joined us after she knocked off from work.

Just like 2 years ago, my baby was the first person to arrive at my place. Except that 2 years ago, we weren't together and had no feelings for each other. HAHA. That being said, this year was our first time Raya-ing together as a couple.

Please don't ask me why Jeff poses like that. It's so sissy. I know!

Wan is so mean. He commented that Badd's kebaya looks like my cushion! You don't say that to my best friend! Pfft. Though somehow I gotta agree with him la. Hahaha.

My beautiful girls! Apparently, Ayu wore the same color baju kurung as me. Would you believe me if I told you that my baju kurung is from H&M? I'm not kidding you. It's actually a dress, but worn as a top.

And here are my wonderful boys!

Off to Audi's place! Didn't take much photos cause I was stoning the whole time.

Proceed to Amy's place after that. It's just a 5-8 mins walk to Amy's place.

Fifa camouflaged with the sofa. Hahahahaha!

Obviously they're watching porn lor. I kid.

Don't know why but we all attacked Amy's room after that. Haha.

While my boyfriend had to battle with the rain, I sat comfortably in Ayu's car like a tai tai watching him.

Hahaha this is annoyingly cute.

My Bangla boipren. Hahahaha. Anyway, to answer to your question. My boyfriend is not indian! I have a lot of people asking me if he's indian and I'm not lying! He does look like one la (at a certain angle), that's why I love to call him bangla. HAHA.

Amy's seductive pose. Hahahaha.

To Agus' place after that!

Second last place was Ain's!

Ayu and I were attempting to do some clutch bag campaign ad but we failed miserably. LOL.

Last house - Silas'. By then everyone were exhausted. You can tell by their faces!