Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Singapore Blog Awards 2012

Ok this is a bit overdue, but I finally have the time to blog! I was (sort of) waiting for Claire to send me the pictures! Pfft. haha. Guess, she's busy.

I'm actually amazed that they can stand the heat despite wearing those thick Superhero costumes! I (and the others) was perspiring throughout the whole event. Everything was good except for the venue. Perhaps the organizers could try to recce an air-conditioned venue for next year's award? :/

I swear the whole time I was fanning myself thinking it would help. But it doesn't! Haha.

Photo by: OMY.SG

Here's my OOTD.
Blazer - eBay | Stripe body suit - Cotton On | Jeans - Forever 21 | White belt & Pink Clutch- RAOUL | Geometric earrings - Topshop | Knuckle ring & Wedge Boots - Rubi

Hahahaha. Can you tell that I wasn't ready for the camera?
Photo by: OMY.SG

Photo by: Ai Sakura

Photo by: A Winsome Life (Thank you! :D)

Probably the last time for all of us to do that weird pose! :X
Photo by: Ai Sakura

Photo by: OMY.SG

Charmaine winning the title of Sheen Blogger. 
Photo by: OMY.SG

Photo by: OMY.SG

Photo by: A Winsome Life

The 2Cs! Claire and Charmaine! Can you girls please stop being so pretty! *stares*

Congratulations to all winners!
Photo by: OMY.SG

Overall, it was a good experience as it's my first time attending such event. Had the opportunity to mingle with other bloggers and make friends! Love it! :)

And of course, making friends with the Sheen Bloggers! The friendship we had during the journey. All of them are nice people please! Despite me being the only Malay contestant, they didn't make me feel left out. Thank you girls! 


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