Sunday, September 23, 2012

Audi Fashion Festival 2012

(don't know why I took forever to blog about this. pfft.)

This is my third time (in a row) attending Audi Fashion Festival. However, unlike the past few years... it's work this time round.

Silly me brought my camera but forgot to bring the battery. Like what on earth was I thinking man? Never happened to me before. Very smart hor you, Nurul?

Had to make do with my iPhone. Thank god I already owned an iPhone. It's 8 megapixels. Can you imagine if I use my previous phone camera? Urgh.

Designed by our fabulous Graphic Designer, Ray Ray!

Surprisingly my hair that day sort of behave itself. Love the waves in my hair. Reminds me of Medusa. Hahahahahaha.
Top - RAOUL | Jeans - Forever 21 | Metal Choker - Rubi Shoes | Casio Sheen Watch - Casio Singapore

With the team!

Notice my Crocs Boat Shoes? I actually got "scolded" from my GM for wearing that! Hahaha. Ya la I know la it doesn't fit with the outfit I was wearing, but can wait anot? I brought my wedges along just that I chose to wear the boat shoes first because I need to run around the tentage making sure the signages are displayed, photo wall is being put up and the logo at the runway is done correctly.

Swapped to my wedges right after that. When I saw my GM walking towards me, I quickly said, "See! I brought a proper pair of shoes!" and he replied, "Nicee!" Hahahaha.

With the all-so-stylish working buddy, Brendan! He's freaking tall and had to bend a bit when we take pictures cause well, I am not so tall.

If you saw my twitter ranting about some photo wall. This is the one that got me all pissy. Haha. I'm not gonna comment anything here, but all I can say is - disappointing. Not with the photo wall though. The photo wall looks great! :D

A week before the show, I can't stress enough to the contractor that the finishing of our RAOUL logo has to be similar to the backdrop's as we would like to achieve a tone on tone effect. I wonder if the contractor was annoyed with me for reminding him again and again. Haha.

In the tone of Dee Kosh's British accent, "Are you annoyed yet? Are you annoyed yet?"

We can haz new runway! Whut whutttt?

A peek into the backstage. I remember 3 years ago when I volunteered as a Dresser for RAOUL (Yes, amazingly I'm working for them now.), I was so desperate to keep the photos of the male model I dressed just to show off to my family and my girls. HAHAHA. Silly me.

It gets really crowded and I was hyperventilating!

And the show starts...

Greeted with two models wearing identical shift dress of different colors.

When I first got to preview the full collection of the FW2012 merchandise, this gown definitely caught my eyes. I blame the diamantes for that! (ok la I just have a thing for bling blings. So that's why.)

Here, my most favorite color among all the colors in the collection - Formaica!

Lastly, the cutest couple behind Raoul! 
No I am not trying to angkat my bosses, but they are really cute! haha.

Felt so satisfied, happy and proud of myself for all the work that I have done. Gotta thank Bren of course for his guidance and (sort of) handing over this task to me. 

Last picture to end this post!


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