Sunday, July 29, 2012

Give me that link already!

I'm thinking of changing my current blog link. What do you think?

Yeah sure, I've been using that link since I was 16 and there was so much memories.If you must know, the blog started with my sister being the main author. She's the one who created this blog and I was merely sharing it with her. She was the one whom somehow introduced me to the blogging world. Funny how a sister who is 2 years younger knows so much more about blogging back then. Shame of me!

Things happened. My sister left to me and she created a new blog for herself. I carried on with the blog, penning my thoughts and stuff and amazingly still blogging at this age! Okay I just made it sound like as if I'm so old like that.

I suppose, it's time for a change! I have came out with several names but most of them are taken! Example:

Why? Why? Whyyyyyy?

Helloooo user from! Can you kindly please delete your blog and give the link to me if you're not even using it?? And what is that? A cat profile pic? You mean, a cat can blog? Zzzzz.

How wasted. The link could have been mine! All mine! Suggest me some blog links that suit me if you have!