Monday, June 25, 2012

Movie Date + Impulse buy with the best friend.

An impromptu meetup with le best friend! It's supposed to be a session with my other 2 girls too. Unfortunately, they can't make it. (Guess it's a bit last minute? :/) 

So yessss, it's quality time with the best friend!
wtf my hair looks flat!

Window shopped at our usual stores. We had a huge temptation to buy the accessories from Forever 21 but  kept telling ourselves that those are wants and not needs. So we put the items back and walked out of the store feeling proud of ourselves for not taking out any single cent. 

For a moment, I felt like a boy in this outfit. Hahaha.
Top - GAP | Jeans - Forever 21 | Clutch - Miss Selfridge | Metal Choker & Metal Rings - Rubi | Casio Sheen Watch - Casio Singapore | Wedges - Rubi Shoes

So the both of us were looking at the clothes and bags at H&M and we stumbled upon these cute striking bags. Neon colors! Super love it! We had no intention of buying anything and were also contemplating whether to get it or not, but err.. we can't help it! I bought it in the end (partly because Badd psycho-ed me. That's why she is my best friend) even knowing the fact that I was almost broke that time!

Us being us. Nothing new la. Always got something to buy one.

I remember Wan called me while the both of us were having dinner before our Snow White movie. Our conversation went something like this.

Wan: So what did you buy?
Me: Nothing?
Wan: You sure or not? Every time the both of you meet, surely buy something one! Cepat. Beli apa?
Me: A bag only laaaaaa!
Wan: Yeah right.

See! Even my boyfriend knows that we will buy something every time we meet. Haha. You iz smart!

This photo of Badd reminds me of some PRC Lady. Must be the hat la!(and the LV bag if I must add in!) Hahahahaha.
Ok that girl at the back there looks like my colleague, Beverlyn! Bev, is that chuuuu? I'm gonna check with her later. Looks like her leh!!! lol.

SO. After reading this post of mine, do you think le best friend and I look alike? Do we? Do we?

Apparently, Badd's friend commented on her Instagram saying that we look alike. We are not surprised though cause WE GET THAT A LOT. Wahahaha. (Feels like as if we're in the "I get that a lot" TV Show after typing that out. Hah!)

Thanks for the quick meet up baby! Our schedules are quite tight. It's really hard to meet. Believe it or not we usually meet once every 4 or 6 months! Hahaha. When she's flying, it's my off days and when I'm working, it's her off days. How to meet like that? Sigh.