Thursday, May 31, 2012

OOTD #18

Totally loving the Mullet skirt! It makes me look taller. Well yeah, the wedge plays a part too. Duh?
Bren always say I'm obsessed with being taller. Hahaha. Of course la! I bet other girls with the same height as me would wish that they're born with longer legs. No?

Anyway that pretty wedge was on sale! It was the last piece on the shelf. Has slight defects and it wasn't my size! But it's okay cause afterall it's quite cheap. I actually snatched those pair from another shopper before she could grab it. Sorry woman, fastest finger first! Wahahahaha.

I am VERY aggressive(at the same time maintaining my cool. lol.) when it comes to shopping for sale items. Are you guys like that too? :/

Pinstripe Blazer - Thrifted | Top & Mullet Skirt - Cotton On | Wedge & Knuckle ring - Rubi Shoes | Belt - Bugis Street | Casio Sheen Watch - Casio Singapore