Friday, May 25, 2012

Casio Sheen: Voting Phase

Omg, I just realized I have not made any announcement regarding the Casio Sheen Official Blog. Not sure if any of you are aware though. But here you go!

Psssst: Read on to find out how you could win yourself a Casio Sheen watch just like us!

Click on the image below to direct you to the site.

Hahaha my face is like asking for a slap!

So here's the deal. Vote for your favorite Sheen Blogger and stand a chance to win a Casio Sheen for yourself!

I wonder if anyone has voted for me. Hmmmm.

That's me on the second row, third column from the right. (In case you can't tell. Haha)
Vote for me if you enjoyed reading my posts. Please? with a cherry on top? Mehehehe.
Thanks heaps!