Thursday, April 26, 2012

OOTD #16

My office room (I'm entitled to a room all by myself now that my Manager has left. Muahaha.) is exceptionally cold these days. Thanks to the muffler for keeping me warm. My savior! 

There was one time I actually wanted to throw that away while clearing my wardrobe cause I rarely use it. But something was holding me back. So I kept it. Haha. I bought it when I was 17 - That's like 6 freaking years ago! It still look brand new though.

Oh and that brown PVC crop jacket was given by my baby! Nah, not my boyfriend. He won't buy me clothes one! He thinks I have too much clothes. Which is not true la. -_- 

So anyway, that cute jacket was given by my bestfriend, Badd! She bought it for me while she was in Bangkok. I like how the cutting of the jacket fits me perfectly - Not too tight, not to loose.

Okay, I look like I have aged in this picture. My crow's feet! Dangggg! 

PVC Crop Jacket - Gifted| Midi Dress - Online| Stripe Muffler - Esprit| Casio Sheen Watch - Casio Singapore