Monday, March 26, 2012

Pre Fall 2012 Press Open House

Press Open House at The Marmalade Pantry @ The Stables. Such a nice place. Love the ambience- Far away from the busy town.

I'm gonna ask Wan to bring me here someday. I wanna see the horses! Hahaha. Aiyah but I can bet with you he's not gonna entertain my request. It's damn far!

I want a horse for myself. Can make it as my own transportation.

Crabmeat Linguine for lunch! All of us ate our hearts out. We were famished! 

The Marketing Communications team! Nice people.

And that's Bren, my work buddy on the right. Funny funny guy! You know it's good to have at least one funny person in your clique cause your day won't be so mundane. :)

Refreshments for the guest.

Not really sure what are those but when Bren told me it's veggies, I put it back. Haha. HATE VEGGIES FOR LIFEEEEE!

So tempted to eat these during the event, but I had too much of the cupcakes and my tummy can't take it anymore. Sigh. What a waste!

My favorite cupcake of the day! Those cupcakes were spread with Nutella. Orgasmic.

Models rehearsing.

Our beautiful models - Elaina and Grace.

This is Veena. She's like the most hardworking person, I tell you. Poor girl had to dress the 2 models alone!  In the end, I joined her in the restroom and help her to dress the models. When was the last time I dressed a model? Like 4 years ago? Haha. But I really enjoyed dressing them though.

Grace, one of the model saw me eating the cupcakes and went, "Finally you got the cupcakes, huh? You deserve it!" Awww... Of course I deserved it. I lost my energy dressing you girls. Hahaha. Nevertheless, I love it! :D


Nath said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

me want that strawberry roll XD

Nurul Ali said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

LOL. It's not that nice. Nutella cupcake nicer! Ok la actually I didn't even try the strawberry roll at all. Hahaha.