Thursday, March 29, 2012

MDS Sale Event

Last Saturday, I finally had some quality time with myself. Went shopping all alone on a weekend. When was the last time I did that? When I was still single and free, I think? Hahahaha.

Honestly, I really enjoy shopping alone than having someone to shop with me.
1. You can go ANYWHERE you want.
2. You can buy WHATEVER you want without anyone stopping you.
3. No one's (the person who's accompanying you) gonna whine that he/she is tired from all the walking.
4. No rushing. Take your own sweet time, girlll!
5. You don't have to feel bad for having someone to wait for you. Remember, you're alone.

See, I always feel bad whenever I made my boyfriend wait outside the fitting room while I went to try out some clothes. Sometimes he'll get mad for having to wait for so long (cause I like to pose in front of the fitting room's mirror till I'm satisfied. HAHA.) So the only way to avoid that situation - shop alone lor!

So I went for MDS Collections Sale Event last Saturday.
I'm actually quite proud of myself for behaving like typical aunties grabbing the cheap stuff. Haha.

Mission: To aim tags which has red stickers. 
Red stickers = 70% off

After browsing through racks after racks, I only manage to get 2 maxi skirts. Both were on 70% off.

Why no one buy this? I thought it's nice what! And it's only $11.70! ($19.50 on their site) 
Saw a few more pieces of these on the rack left untouched. I wore this to office and my fellow colleagues complimented that they like my skirt. 

And this, $9.60 only! Wtf? Cheaper than Bugis Street skirts! BUY! Hahahaha.
Any maxi skirts which only costs you $15, are worth to buy! 

I love the navy crochet top I saw on the rack but I think it's quite ex! $62. Only 20% off. So I put it back. :( 
Y U NO 70% off??

I was actually expecting more than that. A bit disappointing. Then again, maybe because I came in late, so all the nicer clothes have gone. REGRET! Sighzaaa.

Bought some other stuff too. But I'm just pure lazy to upload the photos here. And I just spent $66 during the Watson's Member Sale last night. So much for wanting to save up la right???? Roll eyes.