Thursday, March 01, 2012


Had some difficulties when wearing the skort. The waist area used to be loose. Now it's pretty tight! Tsk. I think I've put on some weight. Ya, without doubt. Haha.

I'm just too lazy to work out! Pfft. Are there any ways for me to shed some weight without doing anything?? On a second thought, I don't have to. I just need to cut down the fats on my tummy. It's just horrendous! I hate it! It's like I'm all small and petite, suddenly there's something buldging out from my tummy. :(

Yeah I look normal in the picture. But that's cause I suck my tummy in! HAHAHA!

Polka Dot Top - Sungei Wang| Lace Skort - Bugis Street| Studs Bracelet - Cotton On| Gold Bracelet - Mphosis