Thursday, February 23, 2012


My ankle boots have pretty much worn out. Been abandoned them for months. Yes, that's the thing about me. Everytime I purchased new shoes, I tend to forget about the old ones. Sorry lah okay. Will wear you more often after this.

My Mother is so lucky to have a daughter who owns quite a number pairs of shoes. Cause most of the time, she'll be the one wearing my abandoned shoes. Once she told me, her colleagues kept commenting about her wearing different kinds of shoes every single day to work. And they also complimented that the shoes are mostly pretty (ehem! Does that mean I have a good taste? Hahaha.). Mother had to keep telling them, "Oh I kapok these from my daughter. She got so many shoes, then she don't wanna wear. So I wear lah!"

Ya. Very good, Mother. Keep it up!

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