Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Second day of Market Week. Felt so exhausted to the maximum! Lack of sleep for 2 nights due to the setup that needs to be done. Thank god my working buddy, Bren was with me. We did everything together. I'd die if he's not around!

Hennyways! Look at those dotted details on my top. They're actually beads sewn nicely to it! Not really sure if it's hand sewn or something, but it looks so neat! I love it. Sorry la for once, I also need to promote the brand I'm currently working for. Ha ha. But that's a sincere comment by the way. I'm not the kind who would say something nice just to make the person feel better? 

Beaded Top - RAOUL; Jeans - Forever 21; Stone with Tassels earring - Topshop; Heels - Nine West