Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lastday Internship

Had a new Intern and her name is Beverlyn. I call her Bev.
She's so far the first intern I've shared a lot of stories with. Though she's 2 years younger than me. We can super click! Sad that her last day was last month. I need a kaki like her at work!
The whole time in the office we would laugh and laugh. She is one funny girl. I don't know why but she somehow reminds me of Xiaxue. Maybe cause the both of them are funny and bitchy. Hahaha.

Our last lunch together.
That balloon on top of my head is so annoying! Makes me look like as if I'm from the Teletubbies Family! Grr.

Eh Bev, you chinese or malay? Hahaha. Everytime we take a picture together, she will definitely mention about how similar her skin tone and mine is.

Can't get enough of the Waffle Fries! Super yummy!

Time to pack up and leaveee. :(

Tell you all a secret. This one she machiam faham only la. The stuff inside the carton is not even her stuff. It's Christmas baubles! Hahaha.

Hahaha what an idiot!

Camwhoring in our mock shop.
Just in case you guys were wondering what is a mock shop. A mock shop is actually a fake shop. Geddit geddit? They build a mock shop in our office so we, the Visual Merchandisers, can experiment/practice on our display skills. It's also for the sales staff to do their trainings.

Missing the mannequin?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not so tall human mannequin.

Quickly finish your final semester and join me again okay?