Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

A few hours more to 2012!
How are you guys celebrating your Countdown?

Guess I'm skipping the Club this new year's eve. Been partying for 3 years in a row! Haha.
Gosh I miss partying with my bunch of party people.

Here's a recap of 2011, just for my memories.

1. Finally left Nine West. Uh huh NO MORE SERVING FUCKED UP CUSTOMERS.
Damn, I've been working with the brand for 3 goddamn years. And they only started giving me increments on my third year. That's, umm.. nice of them. *rolls eyes*

2. Things happen. I ended up dating a friend of mine. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

3. Secured a Full Time job for a Fashion brand. My dream job, to be precised. I'm a Visual Merchandiser! Tee Hee.

4. My job requires me to travel to the 4 region. So far I've only been to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Also, I get to attend fashion events.
With George Young during RAOUL Fall Winter 2011 Launch Party.

5. Took the plane for the fucking first time! First flight was Silkair. Second flight was SQ. What an experience. Super love it!

6. Went overseas without my family. Stayed in the hotel room ALONE, for the very first time. As much as I had fun staying alone, gotta admit that I was quite paranoid at times. You know, imagining things? LOL.

7. Braved myself to go up to the Sky Bar in KL during Ladies Night, alone AGAIN, to ease my mind. And my mum had to call me when I was enjoying the view and loud music. HAH.

Well 2011 is pretty much about me doing everything myself. Alone forever. Don't judge me!

Hokay here comes the best part.

(Sorry but THIS, I gotta show off abit la hor.)
To think, I've always wanted to remain single and keep on dating boys after boys. Hah!
Don't mean to brag, but I've lost count on how many boys I have dated. In the end found someone whom I'm really comfortable with.

My boyfriend better not leave me! If not my clean record of not having any boyfriends before would be put to waste! Pfft.

I kid.

Hehe. That's my bangla boipren. Whom well, used to be my lepak friend.
Love you, fat cat.

I wish 2012 will be a good year for me. May I get promoted and earn better income next year. I've been working so hard! Till to the extent of leaving the office at 11pm! Hahaha.