Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Crazy woman.

Some Ching chong customer I served last night decided to twist her words and make it seem like it's my fault. Apparently, my new colleague was right beside me and she witnessed everything that happened. Smooth move, woman! Before you wanna come pointing fingers at me, check your blind spot la please. -..-

I got tired argueing with her so I left her my full name. Want to complain right? By all means, complain lor. Can't be bothered to fight for my right since there's a saying 'customer is always right' which I thought it's a BIG BULL SHIT!

Three years working for this company, I never had any customers complaining about me. This year's the first! Make my toes laugh only la this customer.

I think her CNY celebration wasn't a good one this year, that's why wanna vent anger at me right?! CONFIRM! Hahahaha. Feel so good to rant on my blog. It's been awhile! :D