Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Short Update.

Day 2 at the studio doing shoots for my stories. (Pictures are in bad quality cause I used the Blackberry camera)

And I had someone to be my model! Teehee. It's Bash! :) Thanks for helping babe!

I had to style 3 models! Anyway, here's a sneek peek of one of my models. I love this vintage look! I know la, it's like I self-praised myself. Orang kata masuk bakul, angkat sendiri. But I really like the outfit leh!

My life would be easier if I could style them using my own style. LOL. Unfortunately, being a fashion stylist you can't possibly dress your models with your kind of style. You have to see what kind of style suits them.

I was even warned by the Creative director on my first day not to dress my models using my kind of style. Hahaha. More updates on this soon!